Monday, April 4, 2016

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. Pablo Picasso

As an artist, finding inspiration is like breathing.  Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there is something that touches your artists’ soul.  The curve of a building, the knots in a tree, the subtle change in color on the petals of a flower. 


But sometimes, abundance can be a hindrance...a challenge.  How do you use all the inspiration that  How do you convert the vastness of that inspiration into coherent designs?  Or does all the inspiration buzz around in your head, keeping you up and night?  All those ideas and potential chasing each other around, fighting their way to the surface.
surrounds you?

Channeling your inspiration into a focused vision for your art takes practice.  Finding common elements in those things that inspire you can help you to narrow down your perspective and focus your design or product line.  Common elements like color, shape, theme, era, etc. are a way to design a whole product line.

Using an inspiration board, notebook, or album to cache and refine ideas and designs can help an artist to blend different elements into the final designs.  Find ways that work for you - everyone is different.  Be creative.  Be brave. And be inspired.

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