Monday, July 29, 2013

The best intentions of mice and men...

Sooooo....I started a blog again and what happened?  Same thing.  Wrote a few times and then life came along and went KAFLOOEY.

Here's a brief rundown of what's been going on in the interim - uhhhh.....oh yeah!

1.  Unpacked the house (and still unpacking)
2.  Busy, busy, BUSY summer season for Reyna Red. (yay!)
3. Had a Flash Sale (my first, another to come soon!)
4.  A friend moved away.
5.  A friend got married.
6.  Sick cat.
7.  Sick kid.
8.  Laptop went KAFLOOEY!  Got a new one.
9.  Washing machine went KAFLOOEY!  Got a new one.
10.  Classic Car show - took pictures.

And that brings us to today - so now you are caught up.  Really gonna try to keep this updated from now on.  I promise, promise...and hopefully with things that interest my readers and (hopefully) more readers to come.

Plans for August

VACATION!!  Taking 2 weeks off for the first time that doesn't involve moving cross country.  The shop will be open, orders will be filled after I get back.  My office is getting overhauled, plans for a new desk and better organization are being vetted.  Wall art is being drooled over...ideas are being thrown around for the movement of a giant rug currently being pinned down by a million pounds of SCHTUFF.'s not really a vacation per say....

New Fall/Winter stuff will be unveiled!  

Another FLASH SALE!!!

Website overhaul....ick, HTML....oooooo, bucket of HaagenDaas....I feel better.  LOL


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