Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool’s Day

April Fool’s Day

In honor of today, April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day, I would like to take the opportunity to pay homage to my favorite kinds of fools.  Now, you might be thinking that is particularly mean or spiteful, so let me explain.  The definition of fool is so vast and varied, but most people only focus on the simple, and rather negative description (from Wikipedia).

Fool, The Fool, or Fools may refer to:
Basically someone to make fun of, or take advantage of.  But for today, my favorite kinds of fools are no fools…they are simply varied and awesome in their own ways.  

1.      The fool in love -  Now, some of you may disagree that a fool in love is an awesome thing.  That if you are a fool, that love has trapped you or that it is unhealthy.  But I think that anyone willing to take a leap of faith in another person, with the rest of their lives in mind is the best kind of fool.  One that takes a chance, that LEAPS for happiness.

 2.      Fruit fool  -  An amazing dessert using berries and sweet custard or pudding.  And really,             who doesn’t like that?  It’s sweet and yummy and nobody’s fool of a dessert.

 3.       The Motley Fool – A great resource for financial advice for those of us that it doesn’t come    naturally to.  And way nicer to say than “Financial Advice for Dummies”.
 4.      The fool’s errand – We’ve all been on one of these.  Most likely in the pursuit of knowledge for a friend about the interest level of a member of the opposite sex.  Basically the first play in the best friend’s playbook and wingman bible.  And although we always know it will never end well, we always go, because that’s what friends do.

5. The Shakespearian Fool – And really, what would a Shakespeare play be without a fool?  A bunch of frustrated people, epic misunderstandings and esoteric language.  The fool brings the breath of fresh air, the comic relief to the play.  And thank goodness for that.
6.      The Love Fool – As in the 90s pop song by the Cardigans, because no matter where I hear it, my toes tap and my mood gets lighter, and I have to stop and hum along.  So love me, love me….

So this April Fool’s Day, I hope you stop for a moment in the midst of the traditional prank playing to remember that not all fools are foolish.  Some are just foolish enough for foolishness. 

Happy April Fool’s Day!

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