Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Ongoing Series - Everything You Ever Wanted to know about GEMSTONES

Blogs.  It's all about blogs.

If you own a small business, the first thing you become intimately conscious of is SEO, or search engine optimization.  I am a creative person in general.  I love color and working with my hands.  But computers and their inner workings does not come naturally to me.

I actively hear the Charlie Brown teacher whenever anyone in my family starts talking about computer code.  My eyes generally cross in the midst of any explanation of such things too.  But SEO is crucial to getting a brand in front of followers, so I am endeavoring to pour some time into blogging regularly as well as coming up with new and exclusive content for our Facebook and Twitter pages. 

In February, I introduced three new series: Gemstones & Their Meanings and Gemstone Pairings to my Facebook page and Color Theme of the Day to my Twitter page.

It's my way of sharing my love of gemstones and their amazing colors and textures with the world.

Gemstones & Their Meanings explores individual gemstones and offers readers meanings for each gemstone.

Gemstone Pairings are all about color!  It's a way to share my favorite gemstone pairings and give ideas and inspirations for color palettes.

Color Theme of the Day is just a fun way to start each day on Twitter - with bright, beautiful pictures of Reyna Red items in the daily color.

I have started to use scheduling tools on Facebook and Twitter to assist me in making sure content is posting even when I have to be away from my computer.  With an active toddler, that happens quite often.  I am also committing to update my blog at least twice a week.

So stay tuned!

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