Friday, April 8, 2016

WAHM & Summer Vacation

WAHMs & Summer Vacation

It’s April.  And suddenly it’s time to figure out the kids’ summer activities.  Now, if you are like me – April seems way too early to be thinking about summer at all.  But when you are living in a state where school lets out in the middle of May…basically you need to suck it up and get to planning.  So coffee in hand, I began to sort and sift through all the fliers for swimming, martial arts, extra reading help, summer school, etc.  So many choices.  

As a work at home more, or WAHM, the challenge is to add value to my kid’s summer, making sure she is engaging with her peers, learning a little something, and having fun…but also getting her out of my “office” for a while every day can be daunting.  You want them to be busy – but you also want to make sure they are getting a good rest from school to refresh.  

I’m a mom, I love my kid.  But as any WAHM can tell you, having a small child underfoot in your office for months at a stretch is a little like trying to knit a sweater while sitting on one hand and also dancing.  While blindfolded.  My daughter is at the age where she is extremely curious about what I do – but it’s not as easy to explain in a way that a 4.5 year old will understand.  She really WANTS to help, and I love that about her.  But her help isn’t always so helpful when you have weekly deadlines that have to be met.  

So my goal has been to find activities for her 3-4 days a week during her summer vacation.  So far I have tackled an early reading/phonics course which she is really excited about since she loves books and being read to.  And also Tae Kwon Do because she wants to learn martial arts like Daddy.  And because I am from an ocean state, I am trying to find a tots swimming class that doesn’t require me to get up at the crack of dawn.  Because I think every kid should learn to swim and learn to swim early. 

What about you, readers?  What classes/activities do you have planned for your kids this summer?    


Monday, April 4, 2016

Finding Inspiration

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working. Pablo Picasso

As an artist, finding inspiration is like breathing.  Everywhere you look, everywhere you go, there is something that touches your artists’ soul.  The curve of a building, the knots in a tree, the subtle change in color on the petals of a flower. 


But sometimes, abundance can be a hindrance...a challenge.  How do you use all the inspiration that  How do you convert the vastness of that inspiration into coherent designs?  Or does all the inspiration buzz around in your head, keeping you up and night?  All those ideas and potential chasing each other around, fighting their way to the surface.
surrounds you?

Channeling your inspiration into a focused vision for your art takes practice.  Finding common elements in those things that inspire you can help you to narrow down your perspective and focus your design or product line.  Common elements like color, shape, theme, era, etc. are a way to design a whole product line.

Using an inspiration board, notebook, or album to cache and refine ideas and designs can help an artist to blend different elements into the final designs.  Find ways that work for you - everyone is different.  Be creative.  Be brave. And be inspired.