Friday, April 5, 2013

A work in progress - aka: Podlette's new room and playroom

So some of you know that about 4 years ago (when I had that other blog), we bought a 100 year old house in Omaha.  Shortly thereafter, my husband was deployed for 9 months and I had EVERY single room to repaint because the previous owners had this passionate love affair with dark, DRAB colors.  So I used every bit of the 9 months and every room was repainted and decorated by the time my husband got home.

Fast forward another 2 years after that and we were expecting our daughter, Thalia...affectionately known to many as Podlette, Pod, Poddance J Poddington III, etc....  So one room got re-painted for the nursery - my husband did that since I was anti-paint at that point.  And it was adorable - all primary colors and a Dr. Seuss theme.  And it was Podlette's room for all of 3.5 months of her first year and then we were transferred to Monterey, CA our beautiful home was rented out.

To morons.

But that is a different story.

Long story short - 7 months in Monterey.  Back to Bellevue in a two-bedroom apartment for 7 months while our tenants lease ran out.  Back into our house.

So how we're back and we've played musical bedrooms - moving things around since the needs of the family have changed drastically.  My daughter's old nursery is now my husband's office.  His old office and the upstairs sunroom is now her bedroom/playroom.  The first thing we did was have the room that was billiard green re-painted to a light sky blue - by someone else because I NEVER want to see another can of paint+primer again.  EVER.

So it's still a work in progress - we need to put up the curtains and valances up in the playroom which has a Dr. Seuss One Fish, Two Fish theme.  And we are still waiting on a GIANT Truffela tree growth chart and a wall quote for Podlette's bedroom - Dr. Seuss ABC themed.

Hey, what can I say?  We LOVE Dr. Seuss.  We're nerds.

Here goes!

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