Saturday, March 12, 2016

Origin Stories - Not Just for Superheroes

Origin Stories - Not Just for Superheroes

I'm a bit of a super hero nut - the opening of a new Marvel movie is enough to make me giddy with anticipation.  The best part of the movie is always the origin story - especially for characters I am not as familiar with.  The origin story shows the hero's journey from ordinary to extraordinary.  From zero to hero.

And just like super heroes - I have my own origin story.  It's not filled with explosions, radioactive spiders or mayhem...but it's my story.  It's the way I went from Reyna to Reyna the jewelry designer.

I started making jewelry at the tender age of 3 - from random bits I confiscated from my older brother and things I unabashedly pilfered from my mom's knitting basket. My first masterpiece was a glorious concoction of yarn, peeled and broken up crayons, q-tips, felt, and a lovely balloon focal.

My mother was rightly impressed and so things progressed from there. I took beading and weaving classes in grade school and then metalsmithing classes in high school and college. And then I became a travel agent for 12 years...while doing the jewelry on the side. A soft economy and a chance lay off - pushed me to go at this gangbusters and full time.
And so Reyna Red began in 2008 - and offered artisan handmade jewelry with oodles of gemstones and pearls and oh the precious metals! Bridal and Hair Accessories soon joined the product line. And for 3 years, I did every craft show in the area and reveled in the all the gems, beads and lovely schtuff I had collected over 30 years. I loved working with brides to make that one piece that would complete her look. I loved the fun giggles from little girls when the sparkle of their Reyna Red barrettes would catch the light.

And then in 2011 - I welcomed my own little bundle of joy. Who frankly was opposed to mommy holding pliers and working for hours on end. So Reyna Red took a little detour while I got to know the little person I created. I switched over to jewelry supplies because I already had the stock, the contacts, the expertise and let's face it, the house busting fanatical collecting bug.... Reyna Red took a little nap and Reyna Red Supplies was born! 

So that's my story. Live, laugh, love and have a cookie. 

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